Study Resources

A List of DVDs recommended to In English students.

A List of Abridged Books recommended to In English students.

A List of Audiobooks recommended to In English students.

An Equivalence Table to Compare Certificates and Their Levels

Videos to improve your English level in a fun and easy way!:

Learning English With Mr. Duncan: Fun videos to learn the most useful English.
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BBC Learning English: Vocabulary, common expressions and pronunciation lessons.
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English, Baby!: Practice listening comprehension with authentic American English.
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podEnglish: Short videos for all levels from beginner to advanced.
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Links to sites to develop your grammar skills:

Here you'll find a variety of sites where you can see explanations, exercises, tests and other resources that will help you clear the most common doubts related to English.

English Tenses With Cartoons: Grammar explained with cartoons.
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English Page: Tutorials and exercises to improve grammar skills.
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English At Home: To practice English in the most comfortable way.
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Exam English

Links to sites to practice reading in English:

Here you'll find links to sites that offer different texts that let you acquire new vocabulary and see the most common grammar constructions.

"The Short Story website" A collection of short stories that can be downloaded for free in PDF format. (Recommended for Upper-Intermediate and Advanced levels)

"Mansión Inglés" A large variety of classic books in English to download in PDF Ebook format.

"Saber Inglés" Here you can find a selection of texts on all kinds of topics, and adapted to different levels.

"Free PDF Ebooks" More free downloadable texts enrich your vacabulary!

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