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Courses in Our Academy

In our academy we offer a variety of courses to help you achieve your objectives in English. We offer a dynamic and communicative methodology centred on the needs and interests of our students. We work with teachers who are experienced and qualified native and non-native speakers. We use the latest pedagogical resources and our students will have Access to complementary material such as dvds of movies in English in order to practise outside class.

  • Groups of minimum 4 and maximum 8 persons.
  • Morning and afternoon timetables. Calendar from 29th September – 30th June.
  • 3 trimester course, 108 hours approx.
  • Preparation courses for Cambridge exams: , First, CAE, Proficiency.
  • Conversation groups.

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  • Address:
  • Plaza Santa Maria Soledad Torres de Acosta 2, 5
  • 28004 Madrid
  • Metro Callao

Face-to-Face Courses in Companies

We offer English Courses suited to the client's needs. These can be intensive or extensive, Short or long in duration, for groups or individuals. Our specialized courses include:

  • English for telephoning,
  • English for presentations,
  • English for meetings,
  • English for negotiating, and
  • Courses specific to the professional activity.

Online Courses

We offer a wide variety of courses, either 100% online, or combined with face-to-face classes (Blended Learning):

  • General English,
  • English for Work,
  • English for Teens,
  • English for Children,
  • Grammar Courses,
  • Vocabulary Courses,
  • Listening Comprehension Courses,
  • Pronunciation Courses,
  • FCE Exam Practice,
  • IELTS Preparation,
  • English for Doctors,
  • English for Teachers,
  • Methodology for Teachers.

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Language Immersion Courses with Theatre

These communicative, dynamic and totally interactive courses are offered in association with Combined Learning Acting and Playing S.L. (CLAP). In addition to these special events, the professionals at CLAP are experts in Interactive Theatre in English and in teacher training courses. The goal of these courses is to develop confidence and improve the participants' speaking skills. The courses offer the opportunity to "conquer their fear" so that they feel comfortable speaking English. They use drama and theatre to create team spirit, and develop skills such as leadership through presentations and short performances. This is all carried out in a rural setting, normally during a weekend, although every course is flexible and can be adapted to the client's needs.

Free Management of Training Subsidies

The Fundación Tripartita para la Formación en el Empleo is a state entity in charge of promoting and managing training subsidies in Spain. Companies are entitled to a yearly credit to finance the training of their employees. These resources are derived from the Contribution for Professional Training that every company makes to Social Security. A company can recuperate the cost of training its employees thanks to the Financing of Continuous Training that can be carried out through the employer social security contributions. All the courses we offer our clients are compatible with this system of finance, and we can do an analysis for you of how much of your training costs you can get back (up to 100%), free of charge.

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